Photovoltaic Grid Parity Monitor (GPM)

Photovoltaic Grid Parity Monitor (GPM)

The Photovoltaic Grid Parity Monitor(GPM)analyses PV competitiveness with retail electricity prices for residential consumers (PV systems of 3kW) and commercial segment (PV systems of 30 kW). It assesses local regulation for self-consumption of nineteen cities in ten countries (Australia, Brazil, California, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and UK).

It is based on a rigorous and transparent methodology and has used real and updated data provided by local PV installers, local PV associations and other reliable players from the PV industry. It also includes a specific and in-depth analysis of retail electricity rates for each of the cities taken into consideration.

Grid Parity represents a unique opportunity to develop a local and sustainable power generation technology in a cost-effective way. Policy makers have the opportunity to create the proper frameworks to adapt the energy system to the increasing importance of distributed generation, and in so doing ensure that it is properly monitored, channeled, and regulated.

This Monitor aims at giving benchmark elements and good practice models to foster the development of local sustainable energy.

We are preparing new issues of the GPM focusing on other segments. If you are interested, please let us

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