ENABLING PV in Angola: Technical training on PV-diesel hybrid solutions at the Ministry for Energy and Water (MINEA)

On 13th November 2018 a technical training on PV-diesel hybrid solutions took place at the Ministry for Energy and Water (MINEA) in Luanda. The technical training, which was conducted by the technical expert Mr. Hernany da Silva from SUNSET Energietechnik, is part of the project ENABLING PV Angola which eclareon is leading together with the AHK in Angola, the German Solar Industry Association and other partners from German solar industry. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The main objective is to disseminate knowledge about the potential applications of PV diesel hybrid solutions among Angolan energy experts to advise companies, public institutions and social facilities in Angola on ensuring a low-cost power supply for non-grid power consumers or those without a stable grid connection.

This kind of initiatives are particularly attractive for countries like Angola that uses large amounts of diesel generators for their electricity consumption and are willing to invest in sound solutions to reduce the use of diesel. Through the project Angola benefits from the knowledge of German experts with a thorough understanding of key technical aspects of PV-diesel hybrid solutions and their feasibility. It also allows to attract international investments in the solar PV sector towards the Angolan market through hands-on information.

The project is presented in a website which encompasses basic information, reference projects and an embedded calculation tool. Those interested in the project and in the market of PV-diesel hybrid solution in Angola can check out the website of the project at www.energia.solar.org which will be launched on December 20. Further information about the project is available from Dr. Moïra Jimeno