Study "Enabling PV Nigeria" published

The German Solar Association published the study "Enabling PV Nigeria", which was prepared together with eclareon, GOPA-International Energy Consultants and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce Nigeria (AHK Nigeria), with support from the Foreign Office.

The 73-page study, developed in the framework of a German-Nigerian Energy Partnership, outlines which business models for electricity generation are already viable today: photovoltaics at power plant scale, large photovoltaic systems with grid feed-in, hybrid systems combining photovoltaic systems and diesel generators as well as off-grid systems for residential buildings and local mini electricity grids.

The study provides a detailed look - based on concrete examples - at the economic viability, investments and cash flow calculations of PV systems, and examines specific sensitivities, for example with regard to changing system prices or interest rates. The study is supplemented by a analysis of the Nigerian electricity market, as well as an depiction of the political and technical boundary conditions for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Free of charge download here.