Act!onHeat Support Facility launches call for applications to support local heating and cooling projects

As part of its commitment to Europe’s 2050 climate change goals, eclareon is pleased to announce the launch of the Act!onHeat Support Facility ‘Call for Applications’. This facility, implemented under the Act!onHeat project funded by the European Commission, aims to significantly boost local and regional heating and cooling (H&C) infrastructure, which is crucial as H&C accounts for around half of Europe’s energy needs, 75% of which is still based on fossil fuels.

What do we do at eclareon?

eclareon steps in to provide specialised support in navigating the financial complexities associated with such large-scale transformations. We evaluate public, private and mixed funding options and provide tailored advice based on the specific requirements of each project.

In addition to financial assessment, eclareon assists in accessing various funding sources, including EU grants and local funding opportunities. Our expertise includes providing economic feasibility analyses and showcasing successful case studies to guide and inspire stakeholders.

For more information, please visit the project’s website.