New draft of a RES Law in Poland

The Polish Ministry of Economy has recently published the new, modified draft of a RES Law. The new version of the law includes numerous significant changes in comparison to the current RES regulation but also to the first draft of the RES Law from the beginning of this year. The most important amendments include changes of the support scheme for renewable electricity and a considerable simplification of the administrative process regarding grid connection and operation. These mainly affect small RES installations. 

The quota obligation scheme with green certificates remains the main support scheme for renewable electricity. However, the amount of certificates per MWh will differ according to the used technology. Also the duration of support has been shortened. In addition, a new support scheme – a feed-in tariff – for small installations, including small PV installations, has been introduced. Moreover, the new draft foresees a simplified connection procedure as well as less stringent requirements for the operation of micro installations. 

It is expected that the new RES Law will enter into force at the beginning of 2013.

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