Eclareon has launched a study on socio-economic impacts linked to renewables deployment in Slovakia

Since December 2023, eclareon has been providing advisory support to a Slovakian umbrella association for the renewable sector called SAPI. Despite 2023 being declared the European Year of Skills, little or no effort has been made to address the challenge of the growing gap between market demand for green jobs and the country’s current national educational and training capacity. Several players in the Slovak market, including the Slovak Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps and the Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry and RES (SAPI) itself, have frequently raised this issue.

eclareon is stepping in to provide its international expertise on the socio-economic impacts associated with the wider deployment of renewable energy sources. Building on national data to be collected through a business survey and expert interviews, eclareon’s task is to provide best estimates of direct and indirect employment effects linked to solar PV, onshore wind and heat pump deployment. Furthermore, in view of the forthcoming Final Update of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), a likely gap will be reckoned on the basis of the detailed calculations on specific categories of direct green jobs, including STEM ones.