There is a deep need to consider the socio-ecological effects of renewable deployment

eclareon developed a ten-step checklist commissioned by CAN Europe in October 2023 that can be a guide for governments, local authorities and developers of crucial considerations they need to consider when accelerating wind and solar development. The checklist underlines the need for early and just public engagement, supporting democratic energy cooperatives, ensuring local staffing, deploying Geographic Information System (GIS), prioritizing brownfield over greenfield development, while maximising synergies with nature protection and biodiversity increases. These steps will help build public support for local renewable energy projects, helping reduce the likelihood of objections and make the permitting process much smoother and quicker; thereby, maintaining or accelerating the energy transition’s momentum.

The checklist elaborated by eclareon forms a key part of the briefing paper called Guidelines to Faster and Fairer Permitting for Europe’s Renewable Energy Transition, which was published by CAN Europe in mid-October 2023. Further details may be found on the following link.