About us

eclareon is a consulting firm working internationally to support public and private institutions engaged in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate policies and environmental protection.

We support companies by identifying new business opportunities and creating strategic plans for market entry. We assess new markets and identify business partners for our clients by fact-finding missions, network events, issue-specific workshops, and international conferences. In addition, we develop customized business and financial models to identify suitable financing schemes for the projects and operations of our customers.

We provide research and analysis of renewable energy and climate policy frameworks at European and global levels for public and private clients. Our team, which is skilled in the languages of all Member States of the European Union, excels in examining political, economic, financial and legal frameworks. One of our main focus is on developing strategies for barrier removal and designing adequate support schemes that decrease deployment costs. We also evaluate different support scheme designs at national and regional levels by assessing their impact on employment and other socio-economic indicators.