The quality of our work mainly depends on the quality of our people. Our aim is to strengthen and extend our core team as well as the whole relational network of our company. In order to satisfy the dynamic market requirements, we are trying in the first place, to build up a team of professionals with different specializations and know-how. We have always placed great emphasis on the following qualifications  

We have always placed great emphasis on the following qualifications:

  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Willingness and preparedness for new projects, independence and flexibility
  • Relevant know-how in specific working and business fields and /or (foreign) markets, which eclareon takes an active part in
  • Knowledge of foreign languages and intercultural competence
  • Communication ability and team work spirit

If you would like to know more about a possible co-operation with eclareon, do not hesitate and contact us sending us some background information about your activities to:

career [at]