Policy Consulting

The Policy Consulting Team researches and analyses the political and legal frameworks of renewable energy markets as well as of energy efficiency, climate strategies and environmental protection.

For renewable energies, our main focus includes the definition of support scheme design options, the removal of non-cost barriers, the legal-economic analysis of renewable energy business models as well as the integration of renewables into national grids and markets. Regarding climate policy strategies, we are specialised in monitoring of greenhouse gas reduction policies.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Policy Analysis:
    Our multi-lingual team of skilled experts performs high level research in all Member States of the European Union, as well as in international emerging renewable energy markets. Our services include the evaluation of climate and energy policies, the development of alternative policy options as well as the analysis of their costs and benefits. Read more...

  • Policy Databases:
    We have substantial experience in developing easily accessible online databases to describe, compare and assess legal and policy framework. This includes the technical implementation and the successful marketing of such platforms. Read more...

  • Policy Dialogues:
    The policy consulting department conducted a large number of policy workshops with national governments, regulators and additional relevant market actors to analyse administrative procedures, market conditions and the inherent barriers for the development of renewable energies. In addition, the policy department organised and facilitated a number of international conferences. Read more...
Policy Consulting