Corporate Culture

In the wake of more than a decade experience in the energy market we developed excellence and qualifications enabling us to offer services and solutions to our customers that create significant benefits for them. Raising efficiency and integrating perspectives from different angles are natural elements of our work. With such competencies, we have built a unique fundament for all our activities.

The quality of our work results from the qualification of our employees. The eclareon team has extensive experience that crosses disciplinary and national borders. Our experience is subject to permanent growth as a consequence of the various projects we execute.

Specific strengths of eclareon are:

Professional expertise

  • Analytical, conceptual and project management skills.
  • Communication and language competences.
  • Writing, visualisation and presentation skills.

Access to the public sphere, markets and industry

  • Having been acquainted with the energy market for a long time and having participated in public projects on national and European level on a regular basis, we have built a strong and extensive network granting us access to public institutions (ministries, energy agencies, etc.), foreign markets, and industrial branches.
  • Owing to our front-line engagement in various projects along the value chain in different industries, we have established contacts to numerous private companies, industry associations, financiers and investors.
  • Our international focus is assured by our permanent offices and business partnerships in many countries.

Sustainable Knowledge Management

  • We participate in capacity building projects on national, European and international level.
  • We apply the latest knowledge in relation to foreign markets and use professional research methods.
  • Interested in a vivid exchange of information, we work together with experienced partners that contribute specific knowledge and skills to our projects.


  • Direct “hands-on” approach on behalf of our clients.
  • Task management in a fast and well-organized manner.
  • Capacity to quickly adapt to new market situations and topics.