Türkish-German Panel about „Integration of PV power into low voltage grids“ on April 25th, at 19th ICCI Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, Istanbul

On Thursday, 25 April 2013, from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm at Orange Hall, Istanbul Expo Center, an exciting Turkish-German panel focusing on “PV electricity and grid integration” will take place during the 19th ICCI Energy and Environment Fair and Conference in Istanbul. eclareon has prepared this panel on behalf of Berlin Brandenburg Energy Network (BEN). Next to BEN, the panel is jointly presented by Turksih transmission grid operator TEAIS, the Turkish industry associations TUSKON, LI-DER, and GENSED, as well as their German partners Federations of Entrepreneurs’ Associations Germany (BUV), and the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar).

The panelists:

  • Önder Kurt, BUV (Federation of Entrepreneurs’ Associations Germany), opening
  • Enver Erkul, TEIAS – Presentation on Turkey’s plans for solar grid integration
  • Nele Erdmann, 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann – Overview on the German PV-market and the technical challenges to grid integration of 35 GW solar power
  • Hakki Karacaoglan,  SMA Solar Technology AG & German Solar Industry Association  (BSW-Solar) – Presentation on the recent technical solutions focusing on conversion
  • Prof. Norbert Menke, Technical University of Chemnitz – Presentation on grid-side technical solutions via adjustable stations in local networks and new storage concepts
  • Dr. Beate Mekiffer, WISTA-Management GmbH – Case study on modern grid integration in a Berlin technology park.

Moderator is Ata Ceylan, Board Member Of TUSKON, İstanbul Chamber Of Commerce Head Of Energy Committee). For more information on ICCI conference program, please visit http://www.icci.com.tr/dosya/icci2013-konferans-taslak-programi_46632.pdf.