eclareon CEO Christoph Urbschat elected head of the working group for agricultural irrigation at German Water Partnership.

Berlin, September 30,2019 - Agriculture accounts for more than 70% of fresh water consumption worldwide. At the same time, this resource is becoming ever scarcer. The water stress is increasing significantly in many arid regions of the world. The global market for modern irrigation solutions in agriculture is already a billion-dollar market and is growing at an annual rate of around 20%.

However, the majority of farmers in the high water stress regions are still working with inefficient irrigation solutions that cause very high water consumption. A huge challenge is often the lack of knowledge about how to successfully modernize and manage irrigation systems. From this initial situation, many opportunities arise for German companies, be it with consulting, engineering or the supply of components.

To pool and share their expertise, several member companies of the export network German Water Partnership have initiated an irrigation working group and designed a plan for the group's activities for the years 2019 and 2020. At the third meeting of the working group on September 10, eclareon CEO Christoph Urbschat was elected head of the working group. His deputy is Robert Färber, managing director of WATERplus GmbH.