PV Register - Website Launch

Website launched: PV Register - the regional registry for PV installations in Germany

The new online tool www.pv-register.com provided by eclareon GmbH offers you processed up-to-date data on the PV installations that have been implemented in Germany between 1990 and today. The comprehensive information on installations originating from the Energymap and the EEG installations register is fed into an online-database which allows you to filter the mass of data according to your individual needs. PV-Register addresses all companies and consulting organizations that require clear information on the number and capacity of PV systems installed in a particular region within a certain timeframe.   

PV-Register is an interactive tool, meaning that you can choose the target region, timeframe and data set that you want to retrieve and prepare during every query you make. Queries can be conducted nationwide, for federal states and for individual postal codes. You can define queries for time periods of several years and months, or choose annual and monthly timeframes. Also, you can narrow down your search by choosing specific capacity ranges. Additional to the predefined queries of the basic version, the professional-version allows a user-defined combination of the parameters mentioned above. The queries executed can then by displayed in the form of a diagram, table or a map and downloaded as a .csv file for the use in Excel.  

PV-Register offers users the opportunity to individually compile and use regional market data for their own customized needs.
We invite you to take a look at our demo version to fully grasp the potential of this new online-tool.