Website launched: PV Grid analysis grid related barriers for PV in Europe

The PV GRID project aims at overcoming and reducing the legal, administrative and regulatory barriers that hinder the large-scale integration of Photovoltaic (PV) systems into the electricity Distribution Systems (DS) across Europe. 16 countries are covered by the project which analyses the current barriers and available solutions in every country. Being based on the PV LEGAL project, which ran from July 2009 until February 2012 and was aimed at removing general administrative barriers to PV deployment, this follow-up project addresses grid-related barriers in particular.

The key tool of the project – the PV GRID database – is an updated and expanded version of the PV LEGAL database, which now rates each country on how “smart” the process is that PV developers must undergo to get a project running and feeding into the grid. The online-database illustrates the national PV frameworks by providing an intuitive colored map. Furthermore detailed country specific information on administrative requirements, barriers, time horizons and efforts and costs involved in the development of a PV installation can be accessed for each country. This information spans the whole set of processes that are coming up when developing a PV system – from Site Selection via Grid Connection to Construction and Operation. Finally the project will formulate regulatory and normative recommendations to overcome the bureaucratic barriers. One result from the database is for example, that the process for developing small residential systems is taking shortest time in Belgium, Germany and Greece and is most time consuming in Spain and Sweden.

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