Projects List

Country Date Project or Reference Title Technologies Services
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, Cyprus, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein 01.09.2020 - 30.04.2023 Project RES Simplify Policy Consulting, Policy Analysis
Malaysia 03.08.2020 - 14.08.2020 Reference Energy efficiency through digitalization in the industrial and private sectors Business Promotion, Business Trips & Delegation Visits
Germany 01.08.2020 - 31.07.2022 Reference Masterplan Solarcity Business Promotion
10.07.2020 - 31.12.2020 Project Kosovo Power Sector Transformation Policy Consulting, Policy Analysis
Jordan 01.07.2020 - 31.01.2021 Project Study on social-economic impacts of RES and EE deployment in Jordan Policy Consulting, Policy Analysis
Indonesia 17.06.2020 Reference Energieeffizienz in der Industrie in Jakarta und Surabaya Business Promotion, Energysolutions
Brazil 15.06.2020 - 19.06.2020 Reference Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the food industry (including bioenergy, PV, PHPPC) Erneuerbare Energie und Energieeffizienz Business Promotion, Business Trips & Delegation Visits
Argentina 04.06.2020 Reference Dezentrale Energieversorgung mit erneuerbaren Energien mit Fokus auf Bioenergie Business Promotion, Energysolutions
Viet Nam 28.05.2020 Reference Das neue Einspeisetarifsystem in Vietnam und seine Auswirkungen auf die Solarindustrie Business Promotion, Energysolutions
India 25.05.2020 - 29.05.2020 Reference Self-sufficiency for the industry with solar energy (PV & CSP) and bioenergy Business Promotion, Business Trips & Delegation Visits