RES Integration - final conference

On 7 December 2011, the RES Integration Workshop took place, which focused on the presentation of the results of the RES Integration projects. The event was jointly organized with the final conference of the project RE-SHAPING: Shaping an effective and efficient European renewable energy market. Around 150 stakeholders participated in the event.

The morning session presented the results of the RES Integration project. eclareon and Öko-Institut assessed Member States' implementation of Article 16 of the RES Directive and the national processes of integrating renewables into the electricity grid and market. Article 16 of the Directive requires several changes to the management and development of the electricity grid - including guaranteed transmission rights, priority access, dispatching, charging regimes and grid development obligations. Revised descriptions and assessments on the implementation of Article 16 and policy recommendations are contained in the final report that formed the core of our presentation. In addition, national and European stakeholders presented their experience of how national policies have been improved to enhance the integration of RES. 

The afternoon session presented the results of the RE-SHAPING project, which had the core objective of assisting Member State (MS) governments in implementing the RES Directive and providing the scientific basis to shape a European policy for RES in the medium-to-long term. The past and present success of renewable energy policies has been evaluated and recommendations have been derived on how to improve future RES support schemes, including the analysis of options for implementing the cooperation mechanisms between MS. The future deployment of RES in each MS has been assessed using the Green-X model based on an in-depth analysis of the long-term RES potentials and costs. The impact of policies on RES financing has been analysed and improved policies are proposed from the financing perspective.

Because of further refinement of results undertaken after the conference, some results in the presentation by eclareon may slightly differ from the ones in the Final Report. The results in the Final Report should be considered correct.

Presentations of the RES Integration Session:

RES Integration
Policy Consulting