B2B-Matchings und Know-how Transfer

As we have organized numerous business and delegation trips and events in Germany and abroad, we have an extensive and at the same time reliable network of companies, scientific institutions and public authorities in the energy and environmental technology sectors.

Based on established contacts, we offer our customers an individual business partner matchmaking as needed.We support companies in theirsearch for international business partners or look for potential investors andinvestment agencies in their region. As a first step, we check with our customers to refine their search profile.Then, wecontact potential business partners in writing and by telephone, arrange calls and meetings,and reportmeeting results in a customer-oriented manner.

We also manage match-making events with up to 100 participating companies on behalf of government departments and economic associations. For this, we use professional online matchmaking tools in theplanning, implementation and evaluation of these events.


Selected project references:

  • Business partner search for a US company.
  • Business partner matchmaking at IFAT.
  • Business partner matchmaking in Istanbul.
  • Investor search for settlements in eastern Germany.
  • Matchmaking in Berlin-Adlershof.
  • Matchmaking in Istanbul.
  • Matchmaking in the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.
  • Matchmaking in den Foreign Office.
Business Promotion