Enabling PV & Wind in Argentina

The international consulting company eclareon GmbH, specialised in the sector of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in cooperation with the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), the Argentine partners CADER and the Salta Energy Secretariat analysed the project procedures and barriers of the Argentine PV and wind onshore sectors. In the project “Enabling PV & Wind in Argentina” the focus was on the national level and the province of Salta.
The general goal was to support the development of the PV and wind sector in Argentina improving the knowledge of both industries through knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices between Germany and Argentina. To achieve this goal the following activities were foreseen:

  • Describe business models for PV and wind energy in Argentina for ground-mounted installations. The PPA signed with the national electricity market under the auction program “RenovAR” are analysed. For PV, it was analysed self-consumption installations interconnected to the national grid under the Salta Net-Metering model.
  • Identify the regulatory and administrative framework of the referred business models and make the results available to international investors.
  • Strengthen cooperation and transfer of knowledge between relevant stakeholders, in particular between the private sectors of Argentina and Germany.


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01.03.2017 - 29.09.2017