Fact Finding Mission Solar & wind energy in Vietnam

An online fact-finding mission for company representatives and decision-makers from Vietnam to Germany took place from 09 – 12 November 2020. The mission allowed participants you to gather first-hand information on Solar & wind energy made in Germany and to establish business contacts with German companies.

German Energy Solutions

A networking event and information seminar was held on 9 November 2020 Online. The event provided insight into the current situation, trends and prospects for German energy solutions with regard to Solar & wind energy.

On the following days, virtual on-site visits were planned online, to see best-practice technology applications and/or measures. Participants benefit from a comprehensive information and visitor program designed to foster the transfer of expertise.

Representatives from state-owned and private companies, grid operators, ministries, public authorities and energy associations who wanted to gain a first-hand insight into German energy solutions were welcome to join the fact-finding-mission.

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Business Promotion
Fact-Finding Missions
09.11.2020 - 12.11.2020


Viet Nam