PV Framework Assessment Stakeholder Conference Argentina

On 15 December 2015 eclareon, in cooperation with the German solar association (BSW Solar), held a conference at the German Embassy in Buenos Aires to present the results of a study on the opportunities and barriers for the development of a photovoltaic market in Argentina. The study was financed by the German Federal Foreign Office and was conducted by eclareon and the BSW together with local Argentine partners. At the Conference, Jan Knaack (BSW) presented the goals and design of the study, Moira Jimeno (eclareon) explained the results of the analyzed photovoltaic business models in Argentina, Marcelo Alvarez (CADER) together with Victor Doña (EPSE) described the legal framework for PV and finally Lucas Estrada (EPSE), Luis Lusquiño (SAPEM) and Jorge Giubergia (Salta Energy Secretariat) discussed the provincial experiences. The workshop organization was supported by the Argentine-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a total of 80 stakeholders attended the conference and commented on the study results.


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