PV Investor Guide

An analysis of case studies of new PV business models in international markets

This guideline provides a comprehensive overview and introduction into different business models for solar PV projects in international markets. The different implementation concepts are illustrated by various examples, graphs and tables. The authors calculate the economic feasibility of different business models, including sensitivity analyses for different policy options and different sample projects in the countries USA, Mexico, El Salvador and Uganda. Furthermore, the guideline includes information on market potential, market structures, stakeholders and application segments.

PV business models that are covered by the investor guide are among others: PV-hybrid Mini Grid for off-grid applications, PV self-consumption for commercial and industrial applications, Net-metering for residential and commercial applications, Leasing solutions for self-consumption and net-metering projects and Direct sale of PV electricity (PPA) for commercial and industrial applications.


Client / Financing:
  • Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V.
Project Partner:
  • arepo Consult
URL:  https://www.solarwirtschaft.de/en/international-activities/new-business-models.html
PV Investor Guide
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01.11.2013 - 30.06.2014


United States
El Salvador