Development of innovative self-consumption and aggregation concepts for PV Prosumers

Europe´s electricity sector is in the midst of major transformation moving from public monopolies into competitive private companies in liberalized markets. Due to its cost and growth perspective, photovoltaics (PV) will be a key driver of this development throughout Europe. PV has reached a level of competitiveness that allows moving to self-consumption schemes in many European countries and eventually to peer-to-peer selling of the self-produced energy.

The “prosumption” role empowers consumers to participate actively in the electricity market by producing energy by themselves. Technological developments such as battery systems or smart meters, and advanced business models promoting self-consumption change the technical design of the electricity systems. Essential for the success of self-consumption models are the regulatory and administrative and policy framework, grid financing, taxation and legal relationship amongst the involved entities as well as innovative solutions coupled with suitable business and management models to achieve sustainable system integration. In addition, as the share of electricity produced by variable renewable sources-especially PV-is significantly increasing, innovative business and management concepts for private and commercial prosumers are a key element to enable a PV market and system integration.

The main objective of the PV-Prosumers4Grid project is the improvement and replicability of such innovative business and management concepts for PV prosumers considering technical and economic grid issues. With a strong involvement of all relevant key stakeholders for self-consumption, with an effective validation of the business and management concepts and with tailor-made recommendations derived on national and European level, this project shall positively influence the overall regulatory and market conditions in the long-run.”

Auftraggeber / Finanzierung:
  • European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft
  • European Renewable Energies Federation
  • TU Wien – Energy Economics Group
  • Ambiente Italia
  • Associação Portuguesa de Empresas do Sector Fotovoltaico
  • Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia
  • Becquerel Institute – ICARES Consulting
  • Unión Española Fotovoltaica
  • Fronius International
  • Universiteit Utrecht
URL: https://www.pvp4grid.eu/
Policy Consulting
Policy Analysis
01.10.2017 - 31.03.2020