Tailor made business trip for American solar company

The eclareon Business Promotion Unit planned, organized and executed a one-week business trip in Germany for a U.S. solar company. The overall objective of the specifically designed tour was to provide the delegation with information on the PV installation process in Germany, in order to draw conclusions on how to organize the installation process more cost-effective in the US. Key aspects of the tour were questions on installation, project planning, technical equipment and financing. Prior to the tour, the eclareon Market Intelligence Unit carried out a research on the current situation and trends regarding the installation process of PV systems in Germany. The research results contained a market analysis, the presentation of new plant design concepts and the current installation process as well as an exemplary project. During the tour, the delegation visited several German solar companies, which provided the American company representatives with networking possibilities. In addition, several roof-top and ground mounted PV installation sites were visited.

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