Wind Workshop Turkey

Workshop Wind Energy & Military Air Traffic Control

The project "Wind Workshop Turkey" addressed the impact of wind turbines on military air traffic control and militarily used aircraft positioning and distance measurement control devices. The interference of wind turbines on these systems is discussed as an increasing problem in many European countries. In the Federal Republic of Germany and in other European Member States, this issue has been studied scientifically. At the same time, a discourse between politics, industry and science was initiated, to identify the existing challenges and to create a mutual understanding for the different positions of the involved stakeholders. A distinction is made in many markets between the military and civil air traffic control.

The impairment of radar systems on air traffic control is in Turkey a new problem. Especially the military air traffic control has growing concerns against certain wind turbine locations, resulting in a growing number of wind power prohibition zones. This in turn has a significant impact on the growth potential for wind power in Turkey.

On behalf of GIZ, the consortium eclareon / BUV organized a one-day workshop, which brought together on one side the political and economic players in the wind power sector of Turkey, including the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Turkish Ministry of Defense. On the other side, the group of participants was complemented by German experts who lectured on the different political, legal and technical solutions to the raised issues. The aim of the workshop was to identify various policy options to address the identified problems and to create a mutual understanding of the challenges of the different market players.


Client / Financing:
  • BUV (Bundesverband der Unternehmervereinigungen e.V.) (
Policy Consulting
Policy Dialogues
01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014