Dr. Moïra Jimeno

Dr. Moïra Jimeno works as a Project Manager in the eclareon Policy Department. She takes part in different projects aiming at analysing the legal and policy framework conditions of RES in various countries as well as economic and operation related issues. Beside her mother tongue Spanish, she is fluent in English, French and German, and has good knowledge of Portuguese and Italian. 

In the framework of the RES LEGAL Europe project, Dr. Moïra Jimeno is responsible for the portfolios of Italy, Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, she carries out the project “PV Framework Assessment in Argentina”, where she analyses the legal, policy and financial framework conditions of the PV market in Argentina as well as the barriers hindering the development of solar PV systems. 

Dr. Moïra Jimeno holds a Diploma in political science from the Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Argentina and a Master’s Degree in Territorial and Environmental Planning from the Universidad de Barcelona, Spain. Her master’s thesis explored the socioeconomic impact of wind energy development in Spanish impoverished rural communities. Moïra Jimeno defended her PhD dissertation in October 2014. Her dissertation topic addressed questions on why and how South American countries adopted different energy policies to deal with similar problems in the electricity sector. She also looked into the electricity structures and policies of France and Germany. 


mj [at] eclareon.com

Moïra Jimeno
Project Manager Policy Consulting