Jörn Banasiak

Jörn Banasiak works as a Junior Project Manager in the Policy Department. He takes part in different projects aiming at analysing the legal framework conditions as well as questions concerning grid connection, operation and development for RES. Aside from his mother-tongue German, Jörn Banasiak is fluent in English and French and has good knowledge of the Icelandic language. 

In the framework of the RES LEGAL Europe project, he is responsible for the portfolios of Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Furthermore, he is involved in the analysis of current barriers for the development of renewable energies as well as existing investment risks in the context of the RE-frame project. Another emphasis of his work for eclareon is the collection, analysis and visualization of data as well as the design and maintenance of databases containing barriers hindering the development of RES. 

Jörn Banasiak holds a Master of Science in Geoinformation and Visualization from Potsdam University, where he focused on the analysis and open-source based visualization of statistical mass data. Moreover, Jörn has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Economics from Humboldt-University of Berlin with an emphasis on the analysis of potential impacts of Iceland’s EU accession on the fisheries sector. 


jb [at] eclareon.com

+49 88 66 740 30
Jörn Banasiak
Information Manager Policy Consulting