Capacity und Business Development

Advising and supporting companies in their international market development has been an elementary part of our company DNA since our foundation. It is not uncommon for new markets to still lack capacities in regulation, financing or training of skilled workers. eclareon advises and supports ministries, state agencies and NGOs in creating these capacities - within the framework of European projects, development cooperation or bilateral partnership programmes. For practical relevance, we often involve companies and thus support them in their international business development.

EU programmes

With the Green Deal, the EU Commission has set the framework for an accelerated energy transition in the member states. Together with industry associations, NGOs and other think tanks, we are helping to build the necessary capacities in industrial value creation and skilled labour.

International development cooperation

Beyond the EU borders, eclareon is regularly active in know-how and technology transfer for the accelerated development of climate protection and climate adaptation technologies. Our clients are ministries, development agencies, development banks and NGOs.

Bilateral partnerships

We support the German government's energy partnerships and energy dialogues in involving the private sector in capacity building in partner countries. In doing so, we work with German and foreign industry associations and chambers of commerce, their member companies and with universities as well as training providers.
Carbon Caps in Indonesia
Study on Carbon Cap for Power Plants to Support Energy Transition in Indonesia
Calculate socio-economic impacts
Training on the application and further development of calculation models for measuring socio-economic impacts of the deployment of renewable energies
Financing for PV in Iraq
Analysis and tapping of existing PV financing support for local banks and project development companies in Iraq
Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of renewable energy policies in EU Member States
Ensuring the effective implementation of auctions for Renewable Energy Sources in EU Member States
Advancing Strategic Heating and Cooling Planning in European Municipalities