Monitoring the Regulatory Framework

Eclareon has been monitoring policy developments in the renewable energy sector - in the EU and beyond - for more than 15 years. We focus on the monitoring and evaluation of regulatory requirements regarding siting, administrative procedures, environmental impact assessments, grid connection, auction procedures and remuneration schemes. We support decision makers of the European Commission and the national ministries as well as NGOs in the development of appropriate governance solutions for fast and effective climate protection measures.

Database driven monitoring

eclareon creates interactive databases that provide up-to-date information on regulations. Our clients not only get access to the descriptions of the regulations, but also to our assessments (or those of other experts) about their impact on the respective energy market.

Identification of barriers and best practices

Our multilingual teams of analysts work with ministries, government agencies, energy associations, businesses, and industry experts, and identifies which instruments have proven to be barriers or best practices to achieving energy policy goals through qualitative assessment techniques and with econometric modeling.

Policy assessment and recommendations

Our clients use our analyses and policy recommendations to assess the current situation and optimize the design of energy policy. Our focus is on overcoming regulatory barriers to accelerate the introduction of climate-friendly technologies from across the energy transition application spectrum.
Biogas optimal use post 2020
Technical assessment study for biogas optimal use post 2020
RES Simplify
Simplification of permission and administrative procedures for renewable energy installations
Data collection, analysis and evaluation of progress in the use of renewable energies.
RES Western Balkan study
Study on Barriers for Deployment of Renewables in the Western Balkans
Networking platform & monitoring of proven best practices for renewable energies
Energy Union Governance
Monitoring of the national energy and climate plans for the Energy Union in the EU Member States
Wind Harmony
Analysis of health and safety regulations for wind energy projects in European member states.
Carbon Caps in Indonesia
Study on Carbon Cap for Power Plants to Support Energy Transition in Indonesia
RES Policy Monitoring Database
Barriers and best practices for wind and solar electricity in the EU27 and UK
RES Permitting
Monitoring the implementation of the European Commission guidance on speeding up permit-granting procedures for renewable energy projects
Renewable energy policy online database
Cost analysis of renewable and conventional energy technologies up to 2030 and beyond
PV net metering in Pakistan
Study on innovative business models for PV with net metering in Pakistan
PV Legal
Analysis of administrative processes and existing barriers in the planning and installation of PV systems
PV Framework Assessment Argentina
Analysis and recommendations for the development of solar energy in Argentina
Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of renewable energy policies in EU Member States
Ensuring the effective implementation of auctions for Renewable Energy Sources in EU Member States
Advancing Strategic Heating and Cooling Planning in European Municipalities