Wind Harmony

Analysis of health and safety regulations for wind energy projects in European member states.
The Wind Harmony project, surveyed and analyzed health and safety regulations and related standards for wind energy projects (onshore and offshore) in the 27 EU member states, UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The consortium provided country reports on current laws, standards and procedures related to wind turbine health and safety measures. It also suggested ways to harmonize or align measures at the European level that reduce the complexity, risk, and cost of wind energy development to enhance the performance of the wind energy industry and lay the foundation for global standards in the wind industry.
2019 - 2020
European Union, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway
Project partner
WindEurope, The Renewables Consulting Group
Client / Financing
European Commission, DG ENER
Further information
European Union, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway Monitoring the Regulatory Framework