Biogas optimal use post 2020

Technical assessment study for biogas optimal use post 2020
As the European Commission worked in 2015 to further develop and concretize post-2020 climate and energy policies, there was a need to explore the potential role of biogas in achieving European climate and energy goals. An important question in this context was which policies at the EU and Member State levels could best contribute to the effective and efficient growth of biogas in the EU. To this end, the European Commission commissioned CE Delft, eclareon and DLO (Institutes Alterra and FBR) to conduct a technical study to evaluate the optimal use of biogas after 2020, which developed scenarios for possible developments of biogas in the EU until 2030.
EU-27, UK
Project partner
CE Delft, Wageningen UR, FBR
Client / Financing
European Commission (DG ENER)
EU-27, UK Monitoring the Regulatory Framework