Ensuring the effective implementation of auctions for Renewable Energy Sources in EU Member States
AURES II (Auctions for Renewable Energy Support II) aimed to ensure the effective implementation of renewable energy resource (RES) auctions in EU Member States. Building on the findings of the previously completed AURES project, AURES II examined auction design options in detail. New topics were explored, including the implementation of technology-specific versus technology-neutral support systems, exceptions to competitive support allocation for small installations, mandatory cross-border support opening, and special provisions for renewable energy community projects and the impact of auctions on renewable energy financing conditions.
2018 - 2021
European Union, United Kingdom
Project partner
Fraunhofer ISI, Technical University of Denmark, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Spanish National Research Council, Factor, Navigant, Takon, Technische Universität Wien, Formicablu, University of Exeter
Client / Financing
Horizon 2020 - Research and innovation
Further information
European Union, United Kingdom Capacity und Business DevelopmentMonitoring the Regulatory Framework