Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of renewable energy policies in EU Member States
The DIA Core project aimed at ensuring a continuous assessment of the existing policy mechanisms and establishing an active stakeholder dialogue on future policy needs for renewable electricity (RES-E), heating & cooling (RES-H), and transport (RES-T). The aim of DIA-CORE was to facilitate convergence in RES support across the EU and enhance investments, cooperation and coordination.To facilitate decision-making, DIA-CORE offered detailed cross-country policy evaluations, presented in an interactive web-based RES policy assessment database. Indicators on effectiveness and cost effectiveness of existing policies for RES in all sectors were extended and updated, complemented by an analysis of costs and benefits of RES on Member-State level.
2013 - 2016
European Union, United Kingdom
Project partner
Fraunhofer ISI, EEG TU Vienna, Ecofys, NTUA, LEI, CEPS, DIW, UU, AXPO
Client / Financing
Intelligent Energy Europe
Further information
European Union, United Kingdom Capacity und Business DevelopmentMonitoring the Regulatory Framework