RES Simplify project successfully completed

In the period of September 2020 until mid-2023, eclareon, together with Oeko-Institute, WindEurope and SolarPower Europe, were implementing a project for DG ENER named “Technical support for RES policy development and implementation – Simplification of permission and administrative procedures for RES installations”, abbreviated and known as RES Simplify. The project was officially brought to an end in May 2023.

The project aim was to facilitate and accelerate administrative and permit-granting procedures of renewable energy projects across EU Member States. Given this, the project consortium scrutinised such procedures across the EU. These were subsequently evaluated based on the developed performance indicators. The main results together with measures identified as good practices were further examined and disseminated through the series of 52 stakeholder engagement activities. The events included sectoral surveys, virtual workshops, national events, bilateral meetings, and presentations in public events, among others. On top of that, the partners monitored the easing of permit-granting procedures in line with the obligation for the transposition of Arts. 15-17 of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). Additional measures going beyond the RED II (e.g., overriding public interest principle, identification of suitable areas, positive silence for RE projects) were also further discussed. Based on the aforementioned deliverables, the partners developed recommendations and identified best practices for RES admission procedures. Last but not least, an outline for the optimised processes and supporting IT infrastructure that are compliant with RED II was prepared.

The RES Simplify Final Report (in English), which includes all the details, can be found here.